Welcome to the Canterbury Chess Club

2023 Indiana State K-12 Grade Chess Championships

Canterbury High School
3210 Smith Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46804

 Date and Time:

Saturday November 4th, 2023. Doors open at 8:00 am. Players should arrive by 8:30 am. A players meeting will be held at 8:45 am, and the first round will begin shortly thereafter. Anyone not at a board by 9:15 am may be forfeited or re-paired. Awards will be given as soon as possible after the last round of play.


All Pre-K through Grade 12 Indiana students, including home-schooled students, may participate. Adult supervision is required for ages up to 12 years.


Compete only against those in your grade. Thirteen separate divisions for grades K-12. (Exceptions: Pre-K students will be considered as part of the Kindergarten division. Grades may play together if there are not enough players. In recent years, the high school grade divisions have been combined for this reason. However, trophies will be awarded for each grade separately.)
Entry fee is $25 until October 27. Refunds in full if requested by October 27th. Late entry fee is $30, and will be accepted as space permits.

 Rounds and Time Controls:

Each division will have five rounds with Game/40 +5 second increment time controls. (Exception: sections with less than 16 players may play 4 rounds with Game/60, +5 second increment time controls.) Two-minute deduction if not notating in grades 4 and above. Ties for first place will be considered “co-champions”, but trophies will be awarded based upon tiebreaks.

 Trophies and Prizes:

Trophies will be awarded for each grade separately.

 USCF Certified Event:

All players must be current members of USCF (US Chess Federation) for this tournament to be USCF certified. If you are not a current USCF member, USCF membership fees are required with entry fees. The October USCF rating supplement will be used to determine each player’s rating.

 USCF Membership Plans:

Junior Tournament Membership (third grade and below): Free through third grade, without any publications. (Note: This membership is not good for any National tournaments, but is good for primary sections of state tournaments, and does not need to be renewed until fourth grade. Not available for players who already have a paid USCF membership number.)
Youth Membership (18 yrs or younger):$20 for 1 year
Young Adult Membership (19 to 23 yrs): $27 for 1 year

 What to Bring:

Chess sets and boards are provided for the tournament. Participants are encouraged to bring their own chess sets, board and clock for game review and practice. Food concessions open all day.

 Other Contact Info:

E-mail: jdean@canterburyschool.org